Chris Jericho Details Feuds He Wishes He Had In WWE

Jericho signed with AEW in 2019

Chris Jericho has named Bret Hart and The Undertaker as two names he wishes he'd had feuds with during his time in WWE.

Jericho ended a near 20-year association with WWE in 2019 by signing with All Elite Wrestling, competing with nearly every major name in WWE history during his time with the promotion.

The Demo God has revealed that he wishes he could have competed against Bret Hart and Owen Hart, with Owen sadly passing away before Jericho joined WWE, while also naming the Undertaker. 

Jericho and Undertaker had a couple of one-off matches and competed against each other in tag team bouts, but never got the opportunity to really feud.

When asked during a recent interview on Gresh & Keefe about feuds he wishes he had, Jericho said: "I think the Hart brothers for sure. I’m talking about Bret Hart or Owen Hart.

"Both of those guys I never got to wrestle. Owen passed away before I got into WWE, and I wasn’t at the level to wrestle Bret before he got injured before his career was done. But I think with our backgrounds and kind of growing up in the same area and training the same way, those would have been a couple of really classic feuds.

"The other one is The Undertaker. I worked him a few times and we always had great matches, but we just never really had a long feud."

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