Killian Dain: No One In WWE Told Me Not To Say 'Professional Wrestling'

Dain was released by WWE last month

Killian Dain has said that he was never told by anyone in WWE not to use the terms 'professional wrestling' or 'professional wrestler'. 

The term 'professional wrestling' has been reported as heading WWE's list of banned terms on television, with Chairman Vince McMahon stating on multiple occasions that WWE is 'sports entertainment'. 

However Dain, who was released by WWE last month, has revealed that no one ever told him he was prohibited from using either term during his time in the promotion, despite edicts being passed on certain moves not being used.

Speaking to SportsKeeda Wrestling, he said: "I never stopped saying it. You know, it's like it was never told to me that I couldn't say it. So I called myself a professional wrestler, and I always said wrestling. I think there has maybe been a misconception that we get told that we're not allowed to say or do things.

"I mean, don't get me wrong, there was a day I remember we were told no clotheslines for that day or something stupid like that. But I mean like, there was no Germans, that lasted for three weeks or something. Not no Germans as in Alexander Wolfe, no German suplexes. That's what I meant because I remember when we were told 'No Germans', we were all looking at Wolfe going, 'What does that mean?' 

"But, no, honestly like, nobody ever told me that I couldn't say the word professional wrestling. So like, I don't know if other people have, but I always refer to myself as a pro wrestler."

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