Chris Jericho Discusses Commentating On AEW Dynamite, If He'd Do It After He Retires

From Le Champion to Le Commentateur?

Though he didn't wrestle on this past week's episode of AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho maintained a presence throughout the entire night while on commentary with Tony Schiavone. Many viewers praised the obvious chemistry between the two, with Jericho earning the most raves for his heel-centric witticisms.

While doing a "Saturday Night Special" live Facebook stream with actor/director Kevin Smith, Jericho spoke about his experience on commentary, saying, "It was pretty fun. I've never commentated on a whole show before. The reason why I wanted to do it was just to have a presence on the show. As we kind of put a hold on so many things including "Blood & Guts," so I wanted to be on the show and provide a little energy, just in case. You know, we are working in front of eight people, 10 people all strategically spaced apart of course."

Jericho has some pretty obvious influences for his style of commentary, adding, "I thought if I could get on there as kind of an obnoxious heel, such a better demographic, obviously channeling my favorite color commentators Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan."

When asked if he'd commentate after retiring from the ring, Jericho responded, "Absolutely, I always loved doing commentary. To do it for a whole hour or two hours is not easy to do."

Jericho will once again be on the call this week with Schiavone on Dynamite. The episode is headlined by a No Holds Barred Empty Arena match in which Jon Moxley defends the AEW World Heavyweight title against Jericho's top henchman, Jake Hager.

(Credit to WrestlingINC for transcription)

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