Chris Jericho Recalls Shutting Down Sami Zayn Ahead Of WWE Money In The Bank 2016

Zayn wouldn't let others get a word in

The 2016 edition of Money In The Bank is remembered for being the night Jon Moxley - then Dean Ambrose - reached the top of the mountain in WWE as he cashed in his Money In The Bank Contract and defeated Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship.

Moxley had earned the briefcase earlier in the night in a Ladder Match featuring Cesaro, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Alberto Del Rio. 

Moxley and Jericho reflected on the match on Talk Is Jericho, which was recorded prior to Moxley entering an inpatient alcohol treatment program, and Le Champion recalled shutting down Sami Zayn while the six Superstars planned the match. 

"It was you, and me, and it was Sami, and Kevin, and it was Cesaro, and Del Rio. And Sami and Kevin were convinced that they needed to build an apparatus and take some kind of ridiculously, stupid bump or else nobody would care, and you were just sitting there being typical Mox. 'Whatever you guys want to do,' and Sami was talking, talking, talking. And Cesaro said, 'Sami, can I say something?' And Sami goes, 'No' and continues talking," Jericho recalled.

"Cesaro was just like [Jericho makes an angry noise], and I remember, at one point, I said, 'Okay, stop. I'm the captain now. I'm taking over. Everything has to be approved by me. If you got a problem, go talk to Vince. It's all about climbing the ladder and reaching for the title. That's all that matters,' and we had the match. You won. It ended up being really good, and afterwards, Sami went, 'Wow, you were right. You had some good ideas there.' I'm like, 'Yes, of course I'm f*cking right!"

Moxley and Jericho have since joined All Elite Wrestling and they are former AEW World Champions. Zayn continues to wrestle in WWE and he is a two-time Intercontinental Champion. 

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