Chris Jericho Reveals His Goal In AEW Was Always To Elevate Young Talent, Wants To Do Same With Hook

Chris Jericho wants to help the younger names in AEW

Chris Jericho has taken a lot of criticism for some of his AEW career, though he has doubled down in a recent interview when it comes to his goals in AEW and what he wants to do to help the younger talent in the company. Speaking on Gabby AF, Jericho talked about working with FTW Champion Hook, who he will face on AEW Dynamite next week, and pointed towards all of the other names who he has worked with in the past as examples of him helping younger wrestlers. 

“The idea of working with Hook was something that I had thought about for a while. And it just kind of really seemed to fit with the match that we had at Revolution with the eight-man scramble and Hook was in that and I thought, 'Well let’s do something with this.' And the story’s just beginning. But I think we got some good ideas and some good stuff going on.

“That’s kind of what my mission in AEW has been since day one is to do the best I can to elevate the younger guys. And in contrary to popular belief or what you might see, it usually works. Most of the time when people work with me, they end up on a higher platform than they were prior. If you look at Orange Cassidy to Darby Allin to MJF to, you know, Hobbs and Takeshita and all those guys. The list goes on and on and on. Even the guys in The Inner Circle and the guys in the Jericho Appreciation Society. I mean, look at Danny Garcia now compared to where he was a year ago.”

Jericho went on to applaud AEW’s booking of Hook, particularly his short program with Samoa Joe over the AEW World Championship. Jericho believes that with his experience, he can help Hook get to the next level. 

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