Chris Jericho Reveals Why Judas Is Still His Entrance Theme After Heel Turn

Singing along to Judas during an entrance for a heel like Chris Jericho? That's not how wrestling works

Now being a heel as leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society, you would expect Chris Jericho to change his entrance theme to something that doesn't see the entire arena singing in unison. 

However, Judas remains in the mind for the former AEW World Champion, who explained to Spin Magazine why his ring walk music wasn't changed up after turning bad guy: "We thought about not using Judas anymore," Jericho said. 

"But then I thought, why? Why change it? And my boss [Tony Khan] agreed because we have a very unique, very cool moment in our AEW presentation, in that people love singing this song.

"As a bad guy I could take it away, but then you’re losing this really special moment. People singing “Judas” transcends being a good guy or a bad guy in AEW, it’s just something cool that’s part of the show. It’s like going to a KISS concert and they don’t play “Rock and Roll All Nite” because they’re trying to be creative. It’s like, f**k, we don’t care, that’s the song we want to hear!"

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Ross Tweddell

Written by Ross Tweddell

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