Chris Jericho: The AEW Roster Is So Stacked That People Might Not Notice I'm Not There

Jericho is currently on tour with Fozzy

Chris Jericho believes the AEW roster has so many big names that fans might not even realise he is not on the shows for a couple of weeks. 

The Demo God is currently on tour with his band Fozzy in the United Kingdom and, as such, hasn't appeared on any AEW shows in the last couple of weeks.

Speaking with Newsweek, Jericho explained that he doesn't consider him taking time away from AEW a risk to the product because the roster is full of top stars.

Jericho said: "We started it and we made it something viable right out of the gate. I'll always take great pride in that and I'll always take great pride in that fact that now I can be in Ireland on tour with Fozzy, missing a couple of weeks of Dynamite, and I don't have to worry like I did before.

"Because now our roster has so many stars on it that they can take a couple of weeks with no Chris Jericho and some people might not even notice."

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