Chris Jericho Told Tony Khan To Sign Bandido Following Their ROH World Title Match

Chris Jericho urged Tony Khan to get Bandido under contract with AEW

Not only did Bandido impress the fans watching at home and inside of the arena in his ROH World Title match with Chris Jericho, but The Painmaker himself was so excited that he urged Tony Khan to sign the former PWG World Champion immediately after their match on the September 28 edition of Dynamite. 

"Going out there with this guy and not knowing anything about him, he's such a great flier and he has such power. He held me up for the standing suplex, I think for like 60 seconds, and the blood was rushing to my head and I could barely hold on. He was so strong and when he finally brought me down, the people started going nuts. That's when we had them. We did a whole bunch of crazy stuff. I took the hurricanrana off the apron, I took the jumping backwards moonsault powerslam, and I took his german suplex off the ropes," Jericho said on his podcast.

"It's one of those matches where everything was going too well. I spun his mask around and had him tap out to the walls, and as soon as we got back through the curtain, I said to Tony (Khan), 'We need to sign this guy.' That's what we did. It took a while to actually get him to commit, but man, we signed him and I see big things in the future for Bandido."

Tony Khan reportedly offered Bandido a contract following the match and the former ROH World Champion would eventually sign on November 11. Bandido has since competed in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, being eliminated in the semi-final by Ethan Page. 

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