Chris Jericho: Why AEW World Title Win Is My Favourite

All Out 2019 is up there for Jericho

Chris Jericho has held major championships in WWE, All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling during his 30-year career. 

The Painmaker has previously captured the WWE Undisputed Championship, the World Heavyweight Title and the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, but Jericho revealed on Saturday Night Special that his favourite title win was when he defeated Hangman Page to become the inaugural AEW World Champion at All Out 2019. 

"The Undisputed Championship is one just because of the monumentalness of it but really honestly winning the AEW title, or the first AEW World Champion, because, and I say it all the time, when AEW started it was a gamble. People forget that. We started originally and we had an ad-revenue share on TNT which means if we get ads we get a piece of it. Not enough to sustain a company but we did such good ratings out of the gate that we signed the four-year extension for $175 million," Jericho said.

"A lot of that first three-month period was built of the back of Chris Jericho and the feud I had with Kenny [Omega], Hangman [Page] going into the Cody feud and just the fact that we took a chance to make this company something special. And it worked because of me and everybody else but it was on my shoulders and suddenly I was able to give some of it to Kenny, some of it to Hangman, some to Cody, some to The Bucks as they became more well known. And then we brought in Mox and the Inner Circle became huge. Then Max [MJF] got more steam and Jungle Boy, Darby, Orange Cassidy, Britt Baker, Shida and now we have this team of twenty backs to hold this company on, and the passion of Tony Khan," he continued.

"All that stuff contributed to the reason why we're so successful but a lot of it started with me as the first AEW Champion and some people didn't like that at first but I think it was the way to go because I had the name value, people knew who I was. People may not have known who Hangman Page was so I think it really made a difference and I'm proud of that."

Chris Jericho held the AEW World Championship for 182 days from August 2019 until February 2020. He was very much presented as the top star during the early months of AEW: Dynamite and he would go on to drop the title to Jon Moxley at Revolution.

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