CM Punk & AJ Mendez To Appear In Heels Season 2

CM Punk & AJ Mendez will be acting together in the TV show Heels

CM Punk will be returning to wrestling in more than one form this year, as he will be making a comeback in the TV show Heels. The show centres around professional wrestling, and Punk appeared in the first season as Ricky Rabies. Starz recently announced the return of the second season, to which Punk was listed in the cast.

He won’t be alone, though, as his wife and former WWE superstar AJ Mendez will be appearing in the show too. She will take on the role of a character called Elle Dorado as she makes her debut in the series. This won’t be Mendez’s first acting role, having previously appeared in Madden: The Movie and Rabid.

It will be the first time fans have seen Mendez back in the professional wrestling ring, though, as she previously retired from the business in 2014 following her WWE exit. She did appear in WOW as a commentator and executive producer, though she hasn’t returned to the ring. Heels follows the story of Stephen Amell’s character of Jack Spade. Amell is no stranger to wrestling, being a long-time fan and competing at SummerSlam 2015 and All In 2018.

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Written by Andrew Kelly