CM Punk Has 'A Ton Of Fond Memories' From WWE ECW

Punk wrestled in WWE ECW in 2006

CM Punk has opened up on his time as part of the ECW brand in WWE.

Punk made his name initially on the WWE ECW show, reigning as ECW Champion following his move to the promotion in 2006 before being drafted over to Monday Night Raw in 2008.

Speaking with Robbie Fox on My Mom's Basement, Punk said: "I got a ton of fond memories. You know, for every sh*tbag I think that I had to deal with, there was somebody cool like a Chavo Guerrero, you know what I mean? And like I had known Chavo for years, obviously, through Eddie, so he was like one of those guys that, you know, he had been there for years already. And getting to work with him is always a night off, you know.

"We got to do fun, cool stuff. But it was relaxed, no pressure, just the pressure to deliver, like match quality, like go out there and tell a story and have a kickass match. So yeah I got a lot of fond memories. Tons of fond memories of early ECW stuff.

"It’s so good to focus on the positive stuff for once. Everybody always wants to know the negative stories and stuff like that, so salute."

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