Dolph Ziggler: You Build Trust For A Long Leash In WWE

Ziggler talks the trust placed on him for media and PR appearances

WWE is a media content machine, and for many the byword for ‘professional wrestling’. As such a massive entertainment juggernaut, the company often has myriad promotional opportunities available to them, with select wrestlers chosen to represent WWE.

One of those trusted to do promo work is WWE veteran Dolph Ziggler, and in conversation with XeniaDidThat, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion spoke on how he earned the trust of the company:

“A lot of people have different - if you've earned their trust and respect over 15 years - I used to have to ask like, ‘Hey, I'm going on to FOX News Is this okay that I do this in two weeks?’, and I got to a point where I built the trust, they sent me on PR tours to different countries, Romania, Turkey, several different places and they trust me [to the point where for] two weeks, I'm by myself with a handler, and I'm just constantly doing PR for WWE and over 15 years, I clearly earned the ability to be like, I don't have to tell them I'm going to do something because I'm not gonna be like, ‘Vince McMahon sucks. That's why we should get out of Syria.’ There's no reason for that. I could give an educated answer. I can make a snarky joke. I can change the subject. I can do any of it.

"For 10 years, it was myself, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, and Sheamus, they sent us to everything and we got so sharp that they go, ‘Hey, we got to get some other guys to get these reps.’ So, I'm allowed to have this long leash and do whatever the hell I want. I mean, I also back it up in the ring. So like, what are you gonna do?”

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