CM Punk Makes His AEW Debut On Rampage

He's back

CM Punk formally debuted for All Elite Wrestling at the opening of Friday night's Rampage telecast, in front of over 15,000 fans at the United Center in Chicago.

Entering to "Cult of Personality", a clearly-emotional Punk entered to loud chants and cheers, and at one point actually "stage dove" into a section of fans from the entrance ramp.

In his statement, Punk said, "Wednesdays, Fridays, four Sundays or Saturdays a year - I got the time, because I ain't going anywhere."

Punk also addressed his leaving WWE in 2014, saying he wasn't going to get healthy staying in the same place that got him sick in the first place.

He added, in reference to when he left Ring of Honor for WWE, "August 13, 2005, I left professional wrestling. August 20, 2021, I'm back," while citing his desire to work the young AEW talent, before turning his attention to Darby Allin in the rafters.

Punk told Allin, "There's nothing more dangerous than wrestling CM Punk, except wrestling CM Punk in Chicago." With that, he told Allin he would meet him at All Out on September 5.

Punk closed by thanking the fans for waiting seven years for him, and told them to "grab a free ice cream bar" on him.

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