CM Punk On WWE Champion Brock Lesnar: "I Think He's A F**king Sweetheart"

Has fond memories of his SummerSlam 2013 opponent...

This weekend on WrestleMania 36, Brock Lesnar defends the WWE championship against Drew McIntyre. Preceding that match, ESPN gathered some colorful anecdotes about Lesnar from several of his colleagues and peers in wrestling, MMA, and football.

SummerSlam 2013 opponent CM Punk paints a rather warm photo of the beastly Lesnar, saying, "I don't want to ruin his image. I think he's a f**kin' sweetheart. This is a guy, when I got into MMA and I left wrestling, he was texting me, 'Hey, if you need any help.' I'm always kind of a standoffish guy. It's hard to open up and trust people in the pro-wrestling world. But he was never anything but a real sweetheart. It was a pleasure to work with him. He's just a great guy, I think.

"I think Brock has got a big heart, and that's something a lot of people don't talk about. They'll talk about the freak strength and the crazy athletic things he's done in his career, the accomplishments. But they don't talk about the fact that he loves his wife, his kids, lives on a farm and just kind of wants to be left alone. All the fame and the money and everything is really just a side effect of being successful at what he wants to do."

Punk also spoke highly of the match he and Lesnar had at that SummerSlam, saying, "It was fun. That match is everything that I loved about pro wrestling. Just two guys coming together and being like, 'F**k, let's just do whatever we want and have fun.'"

Other wrestling personalities who offered takes in the piece include Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Gerald Brisco, and Jim Ross, among others.

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