CM Punk Watching Darby Allin Matches To Prepare For AEW All Out

Punk is getting ready for his in-ring return

CM Punk has started preparing for his in-ring return.

The Second City Saviour returned to professional wrestling on Friday during AEW Rampage: The First Dance at Chicago's United Center and Punk revealed his first match back will be against Darby Allin at All Out on September 5. 

Punk appeared on the Kap & J Hood Show on ESPN Chicago on Monday and the 42-year-old revealed how he is preparing for the match. 

"I think it's a lot of 'Can Punk still go?' 'Can Punk still wrestle in the ring?' 'Can he be entertaining?'. Fortunately for me, I was never a guy that did a whole bunch of crazy flips and stuff like that, so I don't have to go back and try to do these amazing athletic feats. My goal is to tell a story," said Punk. 

"And the way I get ready for this is to watch a lot of Darby Allin matches. It's not different than a sports team watching tape on the team that they're playing. I watch him and see what he can do, and then I get to get creative about it. And that's how I get ready," he continued.

"Obviously, I'm in a television show that's called Heels that's on the Starz network. I've been in the ring. We're filming wrestling. I have gotten in the ring and I have been training but not super extensively because it beats your body up, so I'm trying to be smart about it. But mostly just watching tape on him and I'm impressed by what I see."

It was revealed on Friday that Punk would be a full-time performer in AEW and he is set to make his Dynamite debut on August 25 in Milwaukee. 

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