Cody Rhodes Calls AEW Flaming Table Spot "Maybe The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done”

Cody brought fire into the mix during a street fight with Andrade El Idolo in December 2021

Fire is a very unpredictable element, and using it in a pro wrestling scenario is not always a good idea. However, the reward is great enough for many wrestlers to contemplate involving fire in their matches, with Cody Rhodes stepping up to the plate in December 2021 when he reverse superplexed Andrade El Idolo through a flaming table on an episode of AEW: Dynamite.

The stunt got a lot of traction online, but as Cody revealed to, he understands how dumb it was:

“I'm going to try and keep my language somewhat clean, but (that was) maybe the dumbest thing I've ever done, but man, it was cool,” started Rhodes. “Dumb, but also what a good image, in terms of just that's how we do Dynamite. That specific incident wasn't so much about topping myself, I just hate in wrestling when you'll hear, ‘Oh, it's a street fight. It's a Tupelo Falls Count Anywhere match or whatever,’ and then it's just Basic Betty, it's checking boxes versus actually taking that level of danger into account. And that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to make sure people know that, if there's a Street Fight on AEW, it's a Street Fight. It's going to leave you with a lasting memory and, ultimately, I think we did that.”

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