WWE’s Big E Proud Of The Current ‘State Of Black Wrestling’

Big E recently reigned as WWE Champion

Representation in wrestling has been a hot topic recently, and whilst the major wrestling companies can still do better in presenting POC at the tops of cards, and as real people instead of stereotypes, the narrative is truly changing in a positive direction.

In WWE, there have been three black WWE Champions in the last few years, with Kofi Kingston, Bobby Lashley, and Big E all reaching WWE’s summit. And during an appearance on the PWI Podcast, Big E said he is proud of the current state of black wrestling:

“Honestly, I really love getting to this moment where we are at in WWE, and I think just in wrestling in general. When you look around and there’s so many really dope black performers,” Big E said. “And what I love is that so many of us are one of one’s, and authentic, and feel like ourselves. I love that we are getting to this point where we are not all getting forced into a certain box or certain stereotype. So yeah, more than anything I am just really proud of the state of black wrestling.”

It’s not just Big E who is proud of the steps taken in giving black wrestlers a platform, as he noted the fans too are reaping the benefits:

“I feel like we have a lot of fans, a lot of black fans, especially who love wrestling and have for a long time. But didn’t necessarily see themselves or their culture reflected on wrestling TV,” he said. “I love that we are getting to that point.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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