Cody Rhodes Gave WWE Permission To Use His Dad's Name For The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

WWE would have been forced to change the tournament's name...

While the Wednesday Night Wars have primarily been fought on TV, with Dynamite going head to head with NXT, there have been other peripheral battles.

One skirmish has involved trademarks, as AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes and WWE have scrambled to trademark old WCW and ECW event names. Rhodes also trademarked his father's wrestling name, Dusty Rhodes.

This could have left WWE in a sticky situation as NXT has hosted The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic since 2015. However, the 2020 edition of the tag team tournament was announced last week, and to the surprise of many, it retained its original name.

Cody Rhodes recently clarified on Twitter that this is because he has given WWE permission to use the Dusty Rhodes trademark for the tournament.

After a fan tweeted Cody saying he was ungrateful towards WWE, The American Nightmare replied: "?? If you follow this account, than I'm sure you've seen how complimentary to WWE I am and often. I literally just gave them the rights to use my dads name for their tag tournie."


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