AEW Tag Team The Young Bucks Quit Twitter, Papa Buck Explains Why

Internet toxicity...

The Young Bucks are one of the most popular tag teams in All Elite Wrestling and have been praised by fans for their matches against The Lucha Brothers, Private Party, and Santana & Ortiz.

Their increased exposure has seemingly had some unintended consequences, however, as Nick and Matt Jackson deactivated their Twitter accounts on Saturday. Before doing so, Matt tweeted: "I’ve had a fun time on this app for over ten years, but it’s time to finally hit the X. I’ll see you on BTE!"

While neither cited a reason for leaving Twitter, Matthew Lee Massie, The Young Bucks father, explained that the tag team needed a break from, "the toxicity" of social media and had gone on hiatus to clear their heads.

He wrote: "Thx for all the love We are getting from everyone wondering about Matt and Nick! They are fine and just need a well deserved break from the toxicity on here! They are the sweetest most genuine guys ever! They don’t deserve the hate they get! Love u all!"

Papa Buck later added: "We suggested a hiatus to clear their minds! They give 110% of their blood sweat and tears! To the point of pure exhaustion they’ve got nothing else to give! Haters gonna hate and always gonna find something."

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