Cody Rhodes: I'm Not Going To Stop Saying “Belt"

Cody Rhodes, fan of belts

Every wrestling - sorry, sports entertainment fan knows there are certain terms WWE doesn’t like. 

Whilst WWE prefers to call their wrestlers ‘superstars’, their fans ‘the WWE Universe’ and refer to pay per views as ‘premium live events’, they also like to call title belts ‘championships’, but that isn’t going to stop Cody Rhodes from referring to things how he wants:

"You can say belts,” quipped Rhodes at San Diego Comic Con when a panel speaker revealed new WWE figures and ‘championships’.

"They can fine me $1,000 every time I say belts. I'm fine with that. If they give me a title belt, sure it's a championship, but it also physically goes around your waist. Those are great belts,” continued Rhodes.

Seemingly a stickler for tradition, Rhodes famously revived the classic white strapped Intercontinental Championship in 2012, and has suggested he may revive the classic 90s ‘winged eagle’ WWF championship belt should he win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

With Vince McMahon having retired from WWE over the weekend, it remains to be see if such strict branding and the nuances of the ‘WWE lexicon’ will remain so firmly in place.

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