Cody Rhodes Planning To Rename Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Cody Rhodes wants to rename Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Cody Rhodes has his eyes set on the big one, with Rhodes hoping to finally finish the story at WrestleMania XL and take the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from Roman Reigns.

The ‘American Nightmare’ was part of a panel at WWE World ahead of Mania this coming weekend when he was asked for his plans for the title should he defeat Reigns, with Rhodes revealing he has some changes in mind:

"I think the type of champion I’d be for starters, from a logistical standpoint, is I would be on both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. I don’t know, you guys like how the title belt itself looks? Then maybe, again, don’t want to get a cart before a horse here, I have to beat the greatest champion in the history of our business, Roman Reigns. But if I do, maybe we change how that title looks, too. Really, if I could do anything as champion, I would want you guys to have fun. That is 100% what I’m in the business of doing, making you guys happy, and I’m blessed and honoured to do that. So that’s what I look forward to doing, and I hope we have a great weekend, all of us together," Rhodes said.

Rhodes continued later on in the panel, noting how a rename for the title would also be on the agenda should he triumph:

“I knew, I’d say I knew at four [that he wanted to become a wrestler]. I’d say particularly at eight years old, when I saw the picture of him [Dusty Rhodes] holding the WWWF Championship. He had just won the match against ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, but he didn’t win in a way that he could take the title, and that was the big, ‘Hey, I wanna get this,’ the belt that ultimately Roman has now that we call the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Which, if I win this thing on Sunday, we are not calling it this long-winded designation. It’s just the WWE Championship. But I knew then because that was my first big dream and goal was to win it and hand it to him and tell him, ‘Nobody can take it away from you now.’ It’s moments and events like that," Rhodes said.

Rhodes has previously spoken of his desire to revive the classic ‘Winged Eagle’ design of the WWE Championship.

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