Cody Rhodes Reveals How AEW Evaluate The Popularity Of Their Roster Members


Earlier this week, Brandi Rhodes revealed that AEW's Nightmare Collective Storyline is no more in a move that proves the company is listening to its fanbase.

Cody recently spoke with Wrestling Observer Radio and revealed how AEW evaluate the popularity of each member of their roster, with Rhodes revealing that it isn't always about the numbers: “Numbers have been on our side and I’m not a big numbers guy, I’m a feeling guy,” he said.

“Merchandising never steers you wrong,” Cody continued. “Our top stars at AEW also sell the most shirts.

“Orange [Cassidy] is always a safe bet but I’ll also point out Joey Janela, only because Joey’s the type of wrestler that I don’t always understand. I’m a different type of wrestler, I like old-school Southern wrestling. It’s actually cool to see that he moves the needle in a direction and it’s cool to understand why."

Cody also singled out Luchasaurus and Darby Allin as roster members who do well in merchandise sales, later adding nobody working for AEW is really sure why Orange Cassidy does so well...

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