Cody Rhodes Reveals Why He Stopped Appearing On BTE

Cody Rhodes gives reasoning for stopping his BTE appearances

It was noticeable during his time back in AEW that Cody Rhodes gradually drifted away from fellow members of The Elite such as The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, both in a storyline sense and in a backstage capacity. A big sign of this was Rhodes’ absence from the Being The Elite YouTube series, of which he was once a major part. 

Speaking to Fightful Select, Cody Rhodes was asked about his appearances on BTE halting, to which he gave a reason for this happening.

“Cody said he believed it was the workload. He was really proud of “The Exorcism of Cody Rhodes” BTE episode. Cody would add that he was proud of everything he did in BTE. Cody says he could maybe make a return or a cameo one day.”

Rhodes recently revealed that his reason for leaving AEW wasn’t due to other talents or money, noting that it was down to personal issues. This answer regarding BTE is another example of Rhodes shutting down backstage issues with other members of The Elite.

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Written by Andrew Kelly