Cody Rhodes: 'Rhodes To The Top' Doubles Up As A Mini-Documentary On AEW

The reality TV show debuts on Wednesday evening

Cody Rhodes says the new reality show regarding him and wife Brandi will have two sides to it; one that looks at their life together as a family as well as a 'mini documentary element' which offers a behind-the-scenes look at All Elite Wrestling.

The reality television series looking at the likes of Cody and Brandi Rhodes debuts on Wednesday evening on TNT, and the AEW Executive Producer has offered some insight into what the audience can expect.

Speaking with TSC News, Cody said: "Brandi and I were producers, so we could make it where this wasn’t a framed up reality show and more of a situation where we just said put the mics on, and let’s turn the camera on.

"When that happens, you get to see this behind the scenes access to a wrestling company to see Tony – our president and booker – to see how he handles everything. That, for a hardcore wrestling fan, that peek behind the curtain is so special and it’s so needed today, whereas going the other way is almost insulting their intelligence more versus opening it up.

"So, to have that mini documentary element and then switch over and balance it with what our life is like as a family….authentic. It’s an incredibly authentic show."

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