Cody Rhodes Says Freshness, Not Being "Ex-WWE", Is What AEW Looks For

After Tye Dillinger, Hideo Itami, and TJP were all released from their WWE contracts on Friday, the progression of thought for many went to those talents potentially ending up on AEW's radar. Dillinger's friendship with Cody Rhodes has been noted, and Rhodes has spoken over the prior days about Dillinger's untapped potential and value.

Rhodes addressed Dillinger and the news of his release while speaking to Wrestling Inc on Friday, while also discussing the All Elite Wrestling mindset of recruiting talent.

Almost without fail, outbound WWE performers will draw the requisite, "They're going to AEW!" kneejerk responses from enthusiastic fans, though Rhodes addresses that line of thinking in the chat with Wrestling Inc.

Said Rhodes, "I'm looking for hard workers that have not been oversaturated. We can't just say, 'Hey ex-WWE. Bam! Here's a contract.' It's more about the fresh and the individual that hasn't gotten the call yet. They can grow up in our company and in front of people's eyes.

"A big responsibility is to build characters that engage with the audience. That is the number one thing that I am most excited about is these young guys and girls that we can build."

Rhodes also discussed the rumored release of WWE Hall of Famer and producer Arn Anderson, as well as AEW's future prospects, including the rumored TV deal, and arenas that have been scouted.

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