Cody Rhodes Says The Good Brothers Don't Have Heat In AEW

Gallows and Anderson were close to signing in 2019...

During a recent edition of the Talk'N Shop podcast, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson revealed they were extremely close to signing with All Elite Wrestling in 2019. However, everything changed after WWE made them an offer they couldn't refuse and they decided to re-sign with the wrestling behemoth. The Good Brothers noted their decision probably garnered them some heat in AEW but that it was nothing personal. 

During a recent interview with ESPN, Cody Rhodes noted Gallows and Anderson don't have heat with anyone in AEW and that there are no hard feelings between the two parties. 

The American Nightmare said: "There's no heat at all. Business is business. I think Karl Anderson, just to see his glow up and him get ripped [was great]. And to look back at what he was able to do in New Japan, that guy is a superb talent.

"Gallows, everyone loves Gallows. He takes the award for the most carny wrestler in the history of wrestling. He is the king carny. He came to my house prior to their re-signing with WWE. There were some discussions. We both lived in Georgia. He actually told me a number he was offered, got drunk and then, not realising it, only an hour later told me a different number that was of course higher. I love him. You can't not love somebody who is that carny and that goofy.

"There's no heat with Gallows and Anderson at all. I'm curious where their path takes them next. But gosh, how could you have heat with a guy who told you one price and then an hour later, after some Crown Royal, jumped his price up by a significant dollar amount? That's just funny, that's just beautiful. When you have a wrestler like me who takes it so seriously, I like having folks like that around to help balance me out."

He later added: "They were at the finish line. They were. Luke Gallows, like I said. Luke Gallows will step over $100 to get to a dime. There's no one like him. And I mean this totally lovingly. He's not even a good friend of mine. That was a business decision that they made and there are no hard feelings over it."

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