WWE's Randy Orton Says He "Can't Stand" Matches That Have Too Many False Finishes

He thinks NXT Superstars are addicted to the "Fight Forever" chant...

Randy Orton has previously been critical of how NXT Superstars wrestle inside the squared circle. While he admits they do a lot of "cool s**t" in the ring, The Viper believes they need to build to the big moments otherwise they risk devaluing the entire match. 

How NXT Superstars wrestle came up again during a recent interview with Justin Barrasso at Sports Illustrated and The Apex Predator revealed he believes Superstars on the black and gold brand are addicted to the "fight forever" chant from the crowd, and that he "can't stand" matches that have too many false finishes.

"I'm not saying that my opinion is the only way to go," Orton said. "It's worked for me, but it might not work for them. Any advice that I give guys might not work for them.

"When you have A-Z memorised, it becomes a choreographed, physical, brutal, violent dance. It can be smooth, and it can look rough, and things can look hard-hitting, but when it comes down to it, slowing down and letting people see what you're feeling–like someone getting dropkicked in the knee earlier in the match, and then 10 minutes later, you know why he's limping across the ring. Selling, selling, selling. All those guys sell, but they need to turn up the selling meter and take a page out of some of these old-school guys' books. You need to sell.

"I can't stand when I see 10 false finishes in a row, where a guy takes a powerbomb and then he's up and then he's delivering a knee, and then the other guy ducks, and then it's boom, boom, boom, boom. It's too much. But because these guys are capable of doing it, because the fans are going to chant 'Fight For-Ev-Er!' and all that crap, they're going to keep doing it because they think that's what they've got to do to get that reaction. But sometimes the fans don't need to make noise to be reacting. Sometimes they're sitting and they're watching with their mouths open, not saying a word, and they're invested and paying attention. They want to see what you're going to do or say next. That's the disconnect between a lot of the main roster guys and the younger guys in NXT. They're just hungry, they're addicted to that chant from the crowd. They want the roof to come off the top of that building every single spot that they do. There's no build to that.

"You've got to build to that. There's a crescendo. You've got to start slower and then pick up the pace, then settle back down. It's like a director of a symphony. It's an art. We do it so much, and guys get injured so much, there's a smarter way to do business. That's my main concern."

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