Randy Orton Criticises How Superstars Wrestle In WWE NXT

He thinks they need to build to the cool s**t...

In recent years, NXT has become known as the work rate brand in WWE and has developed its own unique style. Multiple big spots in matches is common, with some of them often coming in quick succession, which has drawn both praise and criticism.

One WWE Star who thinks wrestlers need to space out their big moments is Randy Orton, and he criticised Superstars on the black and gold brand for doing too much "cool s**t" on a recent episode of After The Bell.

The Viper said: "I've been watching TV. I've been watching a lot of NXT which I didn't do before, and they've got so many guys that are talented but what I noticed the other day, and I don't want to bury anybody, well I do, but I'm not. I saw a match between two guys that did so much cool s**t and as I was watching it, I'm thinking in my head, 'Argh, if they would have just let that breathe.' You know what I mean, the people at home get with it, you know, but it's hard, there's no fans… 

"But when the match was over, my wife looked at me and she's got a good eye for this s**t too, you know, and she goes, 'You know, they did so much cool s**t and I can't remember one thing specifically that they did.' And I was like, 'Bleurgh, that's it.' It's building to those moments and doing the cool s**t when the time is right instead of just cool s**t, cool s**t, cool s**t, finish."


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