Contents Of Erick Rowan's Cage Revealed On WWE Raw

The source of Erick Rowan's anger comes to light...

After being drafted to Monday Night Raw, Erick Rowan suddenly started carrying a cage to the ring. The cage has both benefited and hampered Rowan’s singles career as it has seemingly provided him with the strength to overcome a myriad of jobbers, but any contact with the cage has sent Big Red into a rage which only destructive violence can quell.

Many fans have wondered what is inside the cage, but suspected WWE Creative hadn't thought of an idea when the angle began, and would think of something at a later date. 

On last night’s episode of Raw, the contents of the cage were finally revealed. After No Way Jose asked the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion what was inside, Rowan took out a giant toy spider with animatronic legs to scare away the resident jobber. 

Fans were somewhat underwhelmed by the reveal, with many poking fun at how amateur the toy spider looked, but some were just relieved to find out that Hornswoggle wasn’t being held captive inside. 

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