Corey Graves & Carmella Open To Recreating Edge & Lita's WWE Live Sex Celebration

It all rides on the outcome of a match at WrestleMania 38...

Corey Graves and Carmella recently spoke to Bleacher Report about a variety of topics, but one in particular seems to be playing out on WWE TV.

When asked if they would like to acknowledge their relationship more on Raw, Carmella replied: 

"I mean, there are a few things I can think I would enjoy doing on TV, maybe like recreating the Edge and Lita scene..."

This actually came up on last night's episode of Raw, with Carmella hinting that she and Corey may do just that - should she and Queen Zelina retain the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 38. Their opponents have been confirmed as Sasha Banks and Naomi. 

Expanding on the topic of acknowledging their relationship more onscreen, Corey said:

"If it comes to it, awesome. It's not something we're actively fighting too hard for, but I think, I mean, to me, the best storylines in sports entertainment throughout history have been based in reality. You think, like, Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, but we're in a different situation where I'm a commentator, not an active competitor. She's an active competitor, so it's a different scenario as opposed to having two in-ring competitors or whatever that may be, but I think if the opportunity presents itself, we'd both be more than happy to jump because I think we can both provide some entertainment. Let's be honest, who's easier to hate right now than Corey Graves and Carmella?"

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