Corey Graves Not Interested In Full-Time In-Ring Return

Corey Graves is open to a one-off match, but not a full-time comeback

Corey Graves hasn’t wrestled a match in nearly 10 years, and has settled comfortably into the role of a commentator in WWE in the time since being ruled out in-ring action and getting forced into an early retirement. Graves was cleared for an in-ring return in recent years, but he is yet to make a comeback to action. 

In an interview with Steelers Takeaways, Graves spoke on the possibility of returning to the ring, and noted that whilst he would be open to it, he doesn’t want a full-time career as a wrestler. 

"The transition in a weird way saved me from what could have been. Instead of grieving over the loss of my dream as an in-ring performer, it gave me something new to focus my energy on while staying in the business. I found a new mountain to climb. In hindsight it really helped me deal with that loss. I have a clean bill of health now, thanks. I actually got medically cleared a couple of years ago to perform in the ring again. I flirted with the idea and am waiting for a potential opportunity if it presents itself. More of a one-time thing like McAfee has done – not as a full-time in-ring performer.”

The last televised match that Graves wrestled for WWE saw him team with The Ascension in six man tag team action against Sami Zayn & The Usos in NXT in 2014. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly