Tony Khan Says He Will Move Towards A More "Sports-Based Presentation" For AEW

AEW will have a more sports-based presentation, according to Tony Khan

Over the last few weeks, AEW Collision has been gaining some steam and receiving more viewers, and Tony Khan has put that down to the success of the Continental Classic tournament, which has offered up more of a no-nonsense sports-based theme, taking away shenanigans and over-the-top storylines, and it has also added stakes to every match. 

When speaking on the AEW Worlds End pre-show media call, Khan noted that the boost in viewers and the feedback from fans has led to him considering more a sports-based presentation going forwards. 

"Will this affect the presentation and will I book the show's more sports-based presentation and accept the fan feedback which is very tangible and real? Yes, absolutely and that is why this has been such a great experiment and the results are there, they are tangible. As I've said, an experimental group and a control group, the experiment increasing the allocation of real quality pro wrestling."

It isn’t known how dramatically changes will be in AEW’s presentation, and how quickly more changes will be implemented by Tony Khan. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly