Report: Mercedes Mone No Longer In Talks With WWE, Expected To Appear Elsewhere

Talks between WWE and Mercedes Mone have broken down

Although she shared various teases on her social media the last few days, don’t expect to see Mercedes Mone in a WWE ring any time soon. There were various rumblings about her next steps in the professional wrestling world, with WWE looking like the more likely place for her to join. However, Fightful Select have reported that talks between the two sides have broken down. 

WWE sources had revealed to Fightful Select that talks to bring her back were in fact taking place, but as of this weekend those discussions are no longer happening, and that it was those on the WWE side who backed away from these negotiations, rather than Mone. 

Fightful Select also stated that another WWE source is expecting Mone to show up somewhere else “imminently”, though it isn’t known whether that means NJPW, AEW, TNA, or some other place different. Even though plans with AEW looked dead in the water, the report goes on to say that all potential avenues for Mone are “back on the table”. Either way, Mone to WWE looks to well and truly be off.

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Written by Andrew Kelly