Sammy Guevara Reflects On Concussion Injury

Sammy Guevara is back after being injured with a concussion

Sammy Guevara is finally back on AEW TV after being ruled out since the AEW WrestleDream PPV in October. Guevara suffered a concussion in his match at the PPV, and his return was delayed due to the injury. 

On Dynamite this week, Guevara made a surprise return, turning babyface and realigning with Chris Jericho. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Guevara discussed his concussion and the level of severity of it. 

“I'm cleared, I'm good. That was crazy. You know, I do the cutter so much and then the stupidest things. Oh, this cutter that I do all the time this time just bumped my head on the canvas, and then saw the future. And if you go back there, you can tell like, okay, maybe he's not good. But I didn't know at that time. I actually thought that they had a match booked for me that Wednesday, I thought it was good. And then it was until like, a couple days later. I was like really feeling it. And then Tay contacted the doctor. [Are you dizzy?] No. Just like the lights are bothering me. [Are you throwing up?] No, no, thankfully, it wasn't like that. But I had a headache and stuff and it was like the lights were bothering me. Like bright lights. Like my future is bright. But yeah, then they obviously took me off and let me chill and send me to some people to see. But yeah, that was like probably the longest I've been out of wrestling so far, it's been since October 1.”

It looks as though the concussion wasn’t as serious as it could have been, though it still kept him out for over two months. Guevara would also talk about the unfair fan criticism of both himself and Chris Jericho. 

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