Court Bauer Comments On Rumoured MLW-WWE Talks

Talks are reportedly ongoing between both companies

It emerged last week that WWE is currently in talks with Major League Wrestling over a possible working relationship. If any deal is made between the two companies, it would see WWE developmental talents featured on MLW TV, similar to the partnership WWE had with Evolve. The discussions have reportedly been held between those "high up" in both companies. 

MLW's Court Bauer was asked about the reports during a recent interview with POST Wrestling. He didn't give too much away but did note he would be intrigued by a partnership with WWE. 

Bauer said: "I'm not going to comment on that stuff, but it's an interesting time in the world. There are a lot of things that haven't been done since maybe the 70s with inter-promotional matches and stuff. We, of course, would be intrigued by it, but you have to look and see; what's the long-term strategy, does it align with your goals, does it align with their goals, does it serve the fans, company and talent to the best of its ability or is it just a quick transactional thing and you're just looking for the clout and headlines? 

"For me, I look at this and go, 'I'm not even done with my media rights deals. I know the valuation of my company is only going to go up. I am not interested in selling. I'm not having any conversations about selling.' That's step one. Strategically, how does it mesh? What's the upside and downside? That's the stuff you evaluate and if so, you move forward. If not, the conversation disqualifies itself and you go in a different direction. We've had those conversations with other folks and we've had them with a lot of people. Some you'll find it works better and it's maybe a now or later conversation. 

"Right now in wrestling, everything is fluid. The biggest goal I have right now is, how do I maximise awareness for the company so we're not the best-kept secret in the game anymore? We know other promoters watch us and try to take our talent and ideas, but how do we get fans on a larger scale to know about us? That's my focus now."

Beyond a possible partnership with WWE, MLW already has working relationships with the likes of AAA and Dragon Gate. NJPW talent like Rocky Romero have also popped up on MLW shows.

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