More Details Regarding WWE's Potential Partnership With MLW Reportedly Emerge

Rumours about the partnership begun late last week

It was reported late last week that WWE have begun talks with Court Bauer's Major League Wrestling over a potential partnership. 

The deal, which would be similar to the agreement WWE previously had with Evolve, would see the company's developmental talent featured on MLW in order to gain further experience. 

Further details about the potential deal between WWE and MLW have now reportedly been revealed, with Fightful Select verifying Dave Meltzer's original report that preliminary conversations between the two organisations have taken place. 

It appears those discussions have been held with individuals who are 'high up' in both WWE and MLW, suggesting the seriousness in exploring the advantages of a potential partnership. 

When it comes to the talent that could be involved, the report goes on to say that many involved with NXT were in the dark over the situation and first learned about WWE's talks with MLW when the initial rumour emerged last Friday.

Meltzer's original report noted that WWE are unhappy about being framed as unwilling to work with other companies and they want to change that image, and also believe that partnering with other promotions would "alleviate the frustration" of Superstars who are signed by the company but then never used.

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