Curry Man Vs. Christopher Daniels Official For DEFY Seven

Curry Man vs. Christopher Daniels set to go down in a DEFY ring

He’s hot, he’s spicy, he tastes great, and now Curry Man is set to face the greatest challenge of his career when he takes on… Christopher Daniels?

DEFY announced that the first time ever singles match will take place at DEFY 7 on February 9, with Curry Man hoping to bring back ally Randy Myers should he defeat the former Ring of Honor World Champion in a Ravenous Redemption Match.

Best known for his run in TNA Wrestling, Curry Man stayed away from the industry for the best part of a decade following his firing from TNA in 2014, resurfacing on the independent scene in 2023. Since returning, Curry Man has worked mainly for DEFY, with his Team Spice alliance (Guillermo Rosas, Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra) defeating Daniels and his Sovereign team-mates Evan Rivers, Judas Icarus, and Travis Williams at Last King in September 2023.

Rumours have long circulated that Curry Man and Christopher Daniels are the same person, but that’s preposterous as Daniels is bald and Curry Man has a tray of curry and rice on top of his head. What’s next, El Generico and Sami Zayn being the same person? Ridiculous.

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