D-Von Dudley Offers Health Update And Reveals Vince McMahon Call

He revealed he'd had a stroke earlier this year

D-Von Dudley has revealed he is getting close to feeling back to his normal self after his stroke. 

Dudley revealed earlier this year that he had suffered a stroke in November and the WWE Hall Of Famer has offered an update on his health, saying he is in the process of getting better. 

The multiple time tag-team champion said WWE are looking forward to welcoming him back once he is at 100 per cent again, while also indicating that Vince McMahon had tried to call him recently. 

Speaking on the 'JOFO in the RING' podcast he said: ""I’m back at 85-90%. It’s incredible how fast it took me to turn around because it only happened four months ago. Most people that have strokes, it lasts a long time. Even after I retired and became a producer backstage, there is always that notion in the back of your mind that Vince might call you, so you have to be in the best possible shape. I had to make a couple of appearances on Raw and SmackDown. 

"Thank God I stayed in shape, I think it helped speed up the recovery. I’m just trying to get my size back and be me again. WWE has allowed me to be home and rest and take it easy. They said as soon as I get back to 100%, I’m more than welcome to come back. 

"WWE has been great. Vince called me, I think he FaceTimed me, I was in the shower and I got to my phone and was like, ‘Oh, Vince called.’ I called him back, he didn’t answer. I text him and said, ‘Sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower.’ He texts me back and was like, ‘Haha, good thing you didn’t answer the phone.'"

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