Damian Priest: I 100% Believe Bad Bunny Will Return To WWE

Bunny teamed with Priest at WrestleMania 37

Damian Priest believes Bad Bunny will one day return to WWE. 

Bunny impressed fellow wrestlers and fans alike with his commitment to training and performance at WWE WrestleMania 37, when he and Priest teamed up to defeat The Miz and John Morrison. 

After such a fantastic outing - highly touted as the best celebrity involvement in WWE history - Priest reckons it will be hard to keep Bunny away, should the opportunity to work in WWE come around again.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, when asked if he keeps in touch with Bad Bunny, Priest said: "Yes. He's obviously extremely busy with his tour. We don't talk every day and we're back on the road too, so I'm busy and our schedules don't line up and he's in a different country most of the time, but we have touched base here and there and we hope to get together.

"I'm gonna try to make it to some of his concerts. I know if we're in the area, he'd love to come to a show."

When asked if he believes Bad Bunny will return to WWE, Priest replied, "I 100% believe there's no shot he doesn't come back. He had so much fun and he loves this business so much. If it works out again, that's what happens. 

"It was perfect timing for him to where he could dedicate himself to this. He moved to Orlando to train and took this extremely seriously. Time permitting, if he can commit himself again, he would 100% be invested and would be back."

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