Kurt Angle: Both Miro & I Really Wanted WWE Match To Happen

Angle and Miro both left WWE last year

Kurt Angle has admitted he and AEW's Miro were both desperate to work a match together during his time in WWE. 

Then known as Rusev, Miro came into WWE from NXT as a huge heel with an anti-American agenda, defeating the likes of Mark Henry and Jack Swagger before eventually losing his unbeaten streak to John Cena at WrestleMania 31. 

Angle would return to WWE in 2017 and has said both he and Miro were eager to work with each other, but it didn't happen because WWE weren't considering bringing him back at the time when it would have made the most sense.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc. Daily, Angle said: "Yes, I really did want that, and I know he did too. Unfortunately, it never happened.

"At the time we wanted it to occur, WWE wasn’t looking at me. They wanted to see if I could stay out of trouble for a couple more years (laughs). I got one too many DUIs and had a problem with alcohol and painkillers. Fortunately, I got myself through that, and cleaned up my act.

"And by the time I returned to WWE (in 2017), I was probably a little too old to produce the way I used to. The reason I retired early is because I wasn’t at the level I was in my prime. I know I had lost a step, and that’s why decided to retire."

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