Danhausen Not Interested In Signing With WWE

Danhausen is happy in AEW

Current AEW star Danhausen is not interested in seeing whether the grass is greener on the other side. 

In a profile for the New York Times, Danhausen told author Dan Brooks that he has no interest in working for WWE. 

"He told me he had no interest in signing with WWE, the logical next step in any wrestler's career, because he felt AEW was better suited to his act. That was, of course, the correct thing to say, but it also seemed true. For him, AEW is not the minor league so much as a place where Danhausen can be Danhausen, in front of an audience who appreciates what he is doing".

The profile also included quotes from Tony Khan, with the AEW owner discussing his approach to the very nice, very evil star. 

"I like to take people's presentation once it's gotten over, once it's gotten popular and been accepted. If you find people that have gotten over with a smaller, hardcore audience, often if you give them a chance on national television, the hardcore audience will vouch for them".

Khan also noted that a 'very smart person' suggested teaming Danhausen with HOOK as the short-lived HOOKhausen tag team. 

Danhausen signed with AEW in January of 2022.

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