Darby Allin Suffers Injury At AEW WrestleDream

Darby Allin left AEW WrestleDream with his arm in a sling

The All Elite Wrestling roster didn't walk away from WrestleDream unscathed. 

Darby Allin went one-on-one with Christian Cage in a Two-out-of-Three Falls Match in the main event of WrestleDream as they clashed for the TNT Championship. Allin was his typical daredevil self, which included a brutal bump on the steel steps, and Darby would ultimately lose to Cage after Nick Wayne turned heel and aligned with Christian. 

Allin appeared during the post-WrestleDream press conference with his arm in a sling and after Tony Khan asked if he was okay, Darby stated: "No clue. I'm going to the hospital after this. I've got to be up early in the morning because I've got to meet up with this guy at the REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) to climb Mount Everest. He's my coach."

The exact nature of Darby's injury beyond that it is an arm issue is unknown. 

Allin is planning to climb Mount Everest in April 2024. It is the highest mountain above sea level on Earth and is located in the Himalayas. 

Darby revealed he recently told Christian that he plans to win the TNT Championship and then climb Mount Everest. Should he die on the mountain, Darby joked he will have it written into his will that the belt will be given back to Christian Cage. 

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