Dominik Mysterio Wasn't Originally Scheduled To Lose The North American Title At WWE NXT No Mercy

Dominik Mysterio was originally going to remain NXT North American Champion at No Mercy

Dominik Mysterio's reign as NXT North American Champion came to an end at No Mercy on Saturday, September 30 as the Judgment Day member lost to Trick Williams. That wasn't the original plan for Dirty Dom but WWE had to pivot after the company released Mustafa Ali on September 21. 

While WWE booked a title change at No Mercy, Dominik Mysterio would have remained the NXT North American Champion if the match with Ali had gone ahead as planned, according to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer. Alvarez noted he wouldn't be surprised if NXT put the belt back on Mysterio in the coming weeks. 

"Ali was not supposed to win. Now, I will say this. They have not announced on NXT yet, but I would not be the least bit surprised if within the next week or two Trick offers a rematch to Dominik and Carmelo screws him out of the title and we get the belt back on Dominik because clearly, the belt is going to end up back on Dominik soon because he was never supposed to lose it. He wasn't going to lose it to Ali. And so that would also play into this Carmelo-Trick storyline where Carmelo is jealous. That Trick has a title and he does not," Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams were previously aligned on WWE TV but they separated in recent months after Williams decided to establish himself on TV without Hayes. Carmelo had been NXT Champion but he lost the belt to Ilja Dragunov in the main event of No Mercy.

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