Dax Harwood Reveals Plans For A Female Member In The Pinnacle

Dax Harwood Has Revealed Talks And Plans To Add A Female Member To The Pinnacle Faction In AEW

The Pinnacle faction had a lot of potential in AEW, but it was ultimately short-lived. Former member of The Pinnacle, Dax Harwood, has revealed that there were talks and plans of potentially adding more numbers to the group, in addition to existing members FTR, MJF, Shawn Spears, and Wardlow. 

Speaking on his FTR podcast, he went into the possibility of both Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and Serena Deeb becoming members of The Pinnacle; 

"We really wanted Britt, and there were talks of Britt being in the group, but Britt is a standalone star, no one needs to mess with her, she's great. The other one that I really wanted and talk to Tony (Khan) about, he was pretty excited and had the idea, was Serena Deeb. Up until that point, she had been a babyface, but I thought she really fit what the Pinnacle was, especially Cash and myself, just an incredible wrestler who is considered a badass among the women. Those are the two, and the closest was probably Serena Deeb.”

Of course, neither of these scenarios came to fruition, and The Pinnacle quietly and gradually disbanded following their months-long feud with The Inner Circle, with only loose threads still existing between the members on AEW television until a full and complete end to the group occurred.  

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