DDP: AEW's Chris Jericho Is "The Most Over Guy In Professional Wrestling"

The modern-day Ric Flair

With a career spanning over 30 years that has included several popular gimmicks from Y2J to The Painmaker, some consider Chris Jericho to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

Someone who appears to agree with that is Diamond Dallas Page, who described Le Champion as the modern-day Ric Flair during an interview with DAZN.

"I gotta give AEW the 60/40 (percent) thing right now," DDP said in response to if he preferred AEW or WWE's current product. "They are the cool thing on top. The biggest thing that I love about AEW is the fans (and) how the fans react. I wrestled there two years ago this January. I would never have done it if there were no fans. 

"Cody's like my nephew, and I helped him a lot in the beginning, just with the production side. Nathan Lowry, who was one of the guys who works for me and the guy who was the director of Jericho's (song) 'Judas.' They filmed Judas in my DDP Yoga Performance Center. That was one of those who changed Chris Jericho's life," he continued.

"To me, Chris Jericho is the most over guy in professional wrestling. He's Ric Flair. He's Ric Flair now. He's got 30 years, he's still on top, he continues to reinvent himself, and he can still work his ass off. They're singing his song. That's got to be the greatest compliment ever. To me, it's the greatest entrance in wrestling because the people are so involved with it."

While he recently had a stint away from AEW while he was on tour with his band Fozzy, Jericho has since returned to TV and he currently finds himself in a storyline with Eddie Kingston, Daniel Garcia and 2point0.

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