Dean Ambrose's WWE.com Profile Moved To Alumni Section

Looks pretty official...

Is it a work? Is it real? After an endless stream of, "*This* is his final moment with WWE before he leaves" over the last couple months, Dean Ambrose wrestled ostensibly his last match with the company on Sunday night in Moline, IL, as part of "The Shield's Final Chapter."

As of Thursday, Ambrose's WWE.com profile has been moved to the site's alumni section. If his contract with WWE hasn't already expired, it will likely do so in a matter of days. Ambrose had given his notice to WWE close to 90 days ago that he would not be signing a new deal prior to his existing contract's end in late-April.

Ambrose reportedly turned down several offers worth at least $1M per anum, choosing instead to leave.

After signing with WWE in the spring of 2011, the wrestler once known as Jon Moxley became a sensation in developmental group Florida Championship Wrestling. He debuted on the main roster at Survivor Series 2012 as part of The Shield, making an instant impact at the upper card level.

While with WWE, Ambrose held the WWE Championship, the IC title three times, Raw Tag Team belts twice, and also held the United States title for nearly one year.

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