WWE Reportedly Not Granting Luke Harper Release Request - Also Adding Months To Current Contract

Former Wyatt Family member and Bludgeon Brother wants out...

Back on April 16, Luke Harper revealed that he had asked for his release from WWE.

Today, per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it has been reported that WWE will not be letting the former SmackDown Live Tag Team Champion leave the company, and will be adding six months to his current contract meaning he could still be contracted to the company next summer.

It appears that when a WWE Superstar is forced to take time off for an injury, the company adds that lost time to the end of their respective contracts.

For the avoidance of any doubt, here's what this week's WON reported: "Right now the WWE side of things regarding Luke Harper is that he is not going to be released and they’ve added six months to his contract because they’ve said that his contract term that was to end in November, has been added to because it was frozen due to his time off for wrist surgery. So their viewpoint is that he can’t leave until just before next year’s WrestleMania.

"From an outside perspective, this seems to be a way to dissuade people from going public and saying they’re unhappy. The flip side was Dustin Runnels, who has been out for months with double knee surgery, but because he never said a word, denied he was leaving when rumours came out, was given a release and was able to immediately walk into a good position with AEW."

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