Did Finn Bálor Explain 'The Demon' On WWE NXT?

'The Demon' hasn't been seen since Super ShowDown 2019...

Finn Bálor's alter-ego, 'The Demon', has been a hugely popular aspect of his character in WWE since making his debut on NXT in 2014. 

However, WWE fans have not seen 'The Demon' since 2019. Since his return to the black-and-gold brand, Bálor has swapped the colourful paint and spectacle entrance for a colder, calmer and more calculating 'Prince', which has led to the 39-year-old doing his best work in recent memory. 

Something WWE never did particularly well is explain why Bálor would allow 'The Demon' to present himself at certain times over others, but the NXT Champion seems to have referenced why his alter-ego is no longer seen during a promo segment on Wednesday's NXT. 

Speaking to his NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver challenger, Karrion Kross, Bálor suggested that 'demons' were when a person fights with uncontrollable emotion, something he has mastered since returning to NXT. 

He said: "Last week Kross, you took your best shot, and The Prince is still standing.

“But what you really done last week, is you showed me your weakness. You see when a man’s young, he fights with emotion, uncontrollable emotion. Some people call it demons, but really, it’s just emotion. It wasn’t until I learned to control my emotion, to be cold, that I became untouchable in this ring.

"You? You still fight with emotion. Everything you do is a reaction, and in those moments, you’re sloppy. In those moments, you’re vulnerable.

"At Takeover Stand & Deliver, I’m gonna push you to the point where you only have two options. One — you surprise everyone and you master your emotions, or two — what I believe will happen, is a repeat of last week and your emotions master you. And when they do? I’m gonna drag you into the cold, deep water, and with no emotion, I’m gonna drown you."

Based on Bálor's analogy, we won't be seeing 'The Demon' rear his head for a little while. But The Prince is a fine substitute.

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