Doc Gallows Doesn't Think There Would Have Been A Professional Wrestling Resurgence Outside Of WWE Without NJPW's Bullet Club

There would have been no AEW or NXT...

Back in May 2013, Prince Devitt, Karl Anderson, Tama Tonga, and Bad Luck Fale formed Bullet Club. The New Japan Pro-Wrestling faction went on to become one of the most popular stables in professional wrestling, and former members Kenny Omega, Cody, and The Young Bucks have since partnered with Tony Khan and created All Elite Wrestling. 

Bullet Club alumni Doc Gallows recently appeared on Tama's Island with Tama Tonga and discussed his time in New Japan. They commented on a multitude of topics and Gallows ultimately credited Bullet Club with the resurgence of professional wrestling outside of WWE, and he doesn't think AEW and NXT would exist if the NJPW faction was never created. 

The three-time IWGP Tag Team Champion said: "The f*****g Bullet Club revolutionised professional wrestling and if somebody here's this and they're mad about it, sorry. Fight me. If there's no Bullet Club there's no AEW. If there's no Bullet Club there's no growth in professional wrestling. If there's no Bullet Club there really is no reason to have an NXT because why do you turn developmental into indie heaven and hire everybody? There’s no reason to do it. 

"Am I a big part of it? F**k no, I'm the big man. Everyone s***s on me… It was f*****g real. It was over as f**k. If you don't have that, there's no alternative for professional wrestling. There's no reason for an AEW, or ROH doesn't stand up. I'm sorry guys, get mad at me. It's the f*****g truth. If there's no Bullet Club, the resurgence of professional wrestling doesn't happen. Am I a big part of it? No. But professional wrestling advanced because of what the Bullet Club was in Japan. That's why they bought us, they f*****g wined and dined us, then they fired us."


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