Doc Gallows Talks Incident With Dr. Death Steve Williams In OVW

Jesse and Festus felt the ire of John Laurinaitis as a result

Wrestling can be a minefield. A hotbed of strong personalities, backstage politics, and years of tradition, from the outside looking in it seems like a Herculean task to navigate the business without treading on any toes. This seems especially true with the WWE and its various feeder systems, which at one point included OVW.

Two of OVW’s alumni are Jesse and Festus - the latter better known as Doc Gallows - and Gallows has detailed an incident involving Dr. Death Steve Williams giving a training seminar in OVW that could have spelled the end for him in WWE.

Speaking on the Talk’n Shop podcast, Gallows said:

“I did not read the book [Dr. Death Steve Williams’ book] because I had already read it. So we come in to take - and we come in one day and there’s a quiz to see who really read the book and I’m sitting next to my partner, Jesse, aka Ray Gordy, son of Terry Gordy who was legendary tag team partner of Dr. Death Steve Williams from many years in Japan, and I do the quiz and I know I got all these things right because I read the book on the s*****r for over a week and I look at Ray and he wrote ‘Ray Gordy’ on top of the quiz and then he turned it in and I go, ‘Why did you do that?’ And he goes, ‘F*** Dr. Death’ and I went, ‘Okay.’

“So then we just commence with our lives, we do the OVW shows, we go do the SmackDown loop, we get to TV on Tuesday, I’m trying to read the Digest version and we walk in and Johnny Ace goes, ‘Hey! You two motherf******s! Get in my office right now!’ And as we’re walking down the hall, he doesn’t stop yelling. He’s like, ‘Did you think because people cheer when your f****** stupid music hits that you’re f****** over!?’ And we were like, ‘Uh, what have we done? What did we do this week to p*** him off?’

So we go ahead and he’s cutting this promo and he’s like, ‘I bring a f****** legend from Japan in Dr. Death Steve Williams and you pieces of s*** f****** disrespect him. You don’t read his book, you both get F’s on the quiz.’ I’ve done this in several meetings in WWE in my 20s. I raise my hand, like I’m in class but there’s only three people in the room. He goes, ‘What Festus!?’ I said, ‘Uh, with all due respect, I read the book. I bought it with my own money. It was $20 dollars and I got a ten out of ten on the quiz. I do feel like my partner has a personal issue so I’d love to be excused’ and he goes, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that. You’re excused.’

So I go outside the door and do what any good wrestler would do and I put my knees to the ground and I cupped my ear to [the door] and he goes, ‘What the f*** do you have to say for yourself Ray?’ And he goes, ‘I’ll tell you what I got to f****** say for myself. My daddy’s dead and Dr. Death owes my momma $35,000 dollars. F*** Dr. Death!’ And I went, ‘Oh no. Oh, we’re gonna get fired,’ and then Johnny goes, ‘Well Ray, I didn’t know that. Sorry about this, have a good TV.’

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